Our Vision

The companies partnering with us will collaborate in advancing technology, policy, and industry-academia-government partnerships related to wireless, cloud, and backbone networks of the future.

The NextG Initiative at Princeton is creating the foundation for intelligent networks of the future across wireless, backbone networking, and cloud systems. The initiative will focus on cross-disciplinary approaches, bringing theory to practice, and covering the ‘full stack’ from the underlying technological fabric in integrated electronic and photonic circuits and systems, edge networks, IOT and cloud, to foundational theory, algorithms and AI approaches that make these networks scalable, efficient, secure, and accessible. Through Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy, we are also driving government policy and regulations to ensure these networks have the regulatory framework and spectrum needed for their success.

The benefits of partnership are below.

Tight-Knit Leadership Community

Join a close-knit network of NextG industry leaders and scientists.

Curated NextG Event Programming

Strengthen your relationships through curated events and programming relevant to topical issues in the NextG communications sector.

Engage in Campus Research

Collaborate in identifying challenges and solutions relevant to your organization’s growth through sponsoring on-campus NextG research.

Personalized Student Recruitment

Access customized NextG student recruitment opportunities to suit your organization’s specific needs and geographic location.

One Network, Two Gateways

Access and grow our combined knowledge, skills, and resources through one of two membership streams: Affiliate Membership and Leadership Membership.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership provides access to networking opportunities, events, and recruitment resources, fostering connections and engagement within the community.

Leadership Membership

At the Leadership Membership level, members can expect customized research projects, participation in our advisory committee, CXO roundtable discussions, and exclusive access to a range of additional benefits designed to cater to their unique needs and interests.

Direct On-ramp to Research Engagement: NextG Leadership members may elect to direct half of their annual membership fee towards a research project conducted by one or more specific faculty member(s) of the member’s choosing, or to the general NextG research initiative.

Affiliate Benefits

  • NextG Annual Meeting
  • NextG Documents on Research, Technology Trends, and Policy
  • Student Recruitment Opportunities

Leadership Benefits

  • All Affiliate Membership Benefits, PLUS:
  • Seat on NextG Advisory Committee
  • Annual NextG Technology Disruption CXO Roundtable
  • NextG Policy Maker Convenings and Position Papers
  • Leadership Role in Forging Industry-Government-Academia Partnerships with Princeton
  • Targeted Research Support
  • Option to Sponsor Student Awards
  • On-site Visits of Faculty & Students